2021 Classroom Grant Recipient: Megan Kilby of Hardin Park School

Megan Kilby from Hardin Park School for “Embracing Diversity.”  Grant funds will be used to purchase toys, books, puzzles, & flash cards that represent diversity and inclusion to provide students with positive representations of themself and others who they share the world with.  Materials will be incorporated into lesson plans throughout the year and inspire students to imagine beyond their individual worlds.

2021 Classroom Grant Recipient: Ashley Tate of Green Valley and Mabel Schools

Ashley Tate from Green Valley and Mabel Schools for “Adaptive Tools for More Inclusive Visual Art Classes.” Grant funds will purchase tools and materials necessary for differentiation of art lessons to reach the diverse needs of all students. This project will help to adapt art lessons for all types of learners, fostering a sense of inclusivity, so every child can have an enriching experience exploring the world of visual art.

2021 Classroom Grant Recipient: Angela Alexander and Tori Loftin of Watauga High School

Angela Alexander and Tori Loftin of Watauga High School “Glowing Beauty.”  Grant funds will purchase esthetics equipment to provide hand-on learning spa facial learning opportunities for students that want to pursue careers as an esthetician or a medical esthetician.  Equipment will show how treatments can positively affect the skin over time and also the negative effects of sun damage.