Squatchy Matchday in Support of Watauga County Schools

Bigfoot wants you to come out to Watauga School Night on Saturday, May 21st 7:30pm at Ted Mack Stadium when your Appalachian FC takes on the Georgia Storm!

Watauga School teachers, administrators, coaches, students, friends & family can save $2 per ticket over advance prices ($10 Adult Tickets for only $8 and $8 Youth Tickets for only $6) plus Appalachian FC is going to donate $2 per ticket to the Watauga Education Foundation

Don’t miss Squatchy Matchday while supporting the squatchiest soccer team in America and our great Watauga Education Foundation. 

For Tickets, visit www.appalachianfc.com. Click “tickets” then use promo code SquatchySchool at checkout to save $2 per ticket. 

See you on Saturday.

Stay Squatchy…