Blue Ridge Mountain Resilience Scholarship

Blue Ridge Mountain Resilience Scholarship
Honoring Coach Michael Neff & Coach Randy ‘Mac’ McDonough

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Application deadline: April 1, 2024

This scholarship is created to support our student athletes in their college journey. This scholarship is not a performance based award and a student athlete’s ranking against their peers is not a deciding factor. This award is intended to recognize the hard work and dedication of our Watauga Cross Country and Track and Field athletes during their time as a Pioneer. The Coaches of our running programs have always emphasized the importance of year round commitment, self improvement, and support of their teammates. This scholarship is awarded to those athletes who exemplify these traits and a “Never Quit” attitude during their high school years. It is our belief that these traits will help build these scholar athletes into leaders in the community and beyond.

Scholarship Amount

Two (2) students (1 Boy & 1 Girl) will be awarded $25,000 each, starting with the graduating class of 2024 and currently going through the graduating class of 2028 (5 years). One annual Coach Michael Neff and One annual Coach Mac scholarship will be named. The $25,000 award recipients will receive $6,250/year for four (4) years.

Scholarship Criteria

To qualify, students must have completed at least two (2) seasons of Cross Country and two (2) seasons of Track and Field (any event in track and field, and either indoor and/or outdoor). Starting with the graduating Class of 2026, students must have completed at least three (3) seasons of both Cross Country and Track and Field. The athletes must be in good standing with their coaches and school to be eligible for consideration.

Awards will be determined by three (3) criteria: C.A.N.
Commitment: Has the athlete made a significant commitment to improving their team and own performance based on training, team workouts, and school events?
Attitude: Has the athlete supported their teammates and made the team better with a positive and encouraging attitude?
Need: Will this scholarship be impactful to their college journey?

Scholarship Post Award Requirement

Each award winner will be expected to return during their college freshman year and lead a workout with the current high school runners and speak about their experience running at Watauga and what it meant to them as college freshman. This one time requirement is necessary to receive the continued annual payments from the Scholarship.