Classroom Grants

The Classroom Grants program is our largest allocation. Teachers submit applications for funds in September for projects that will directly benefit students through innovative and creative teaching methods. Granted funds are awarded in early November. This is such an exciting time for WEF, knowing that the money given directly impacts students and typically provides benefits for many years.

This year teachers are redefining innovative classroom strategies, and we are committed to supporting their bold new ideas.

2020-2021 Classroom Grants

2020-2021 Classroom Grant Application is closed – stay tuned for the announcement of recipients!

Deadline: Friday, October 9 at 5:00pm

Questions can be directed to Allocations Chair, Erika Hudspeth at

2019 Classroom Grant Recipients

  • Meghan Scott of Hardin Park School for her project “Wherever You Go, Whatever the Weather, Always Bring Your Own Sunshine,” inspired by her students’ interest in learning about hurricanes, weather, and seasons.
  • Melody Roaden from Bethel School for “Algorithm and Hues, You Can Do The Rubik’s Cube.” This project will strengthen her students’ mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills, while connecting history and science to both math and art.
  • Candice Trexler of Watauga County Schools will purchase books with for Elementary, Middle, and High School Battle of the Books.
  • Ashely Tate of Green Valley and Mabel Schools for “Learn Local: Capturing the Beauty of Local Trout Species.” This project will connect curriculum across disciplines, while creating a connection to this area and to self-expression through the arts.
  • Genal West from Watauga High School for the project “Appalachian Art Revival.” Looms and weaving supplies will be purchased with grant funds. This project will introduce students to local culture and crafts in order to connect to traditions of the past.
  • Donna Raichle and Grady McKinney of Parkway School for “JUMP, JUMP, JUMP!”, which will use grant funds to purchase size-appropriate jump ropes for younger students, allowing them to be more successful in this part of the required PE curriculum.
  • Kevin Shaw of Watauga High School for “3D Biology,” which will fund kits for hands-on labs and investigations, including antibiotic sensitivity, photosynthesis and genetics – experiences that will make biology more tangible and realistic for students.
  • Kirby Bell and Carly Mize of Green Valley School for “Green Valley Eco Columns.” Grant funds will purchase materials for students to create their own eco-columns and observe the terrestrial and aquatic factors of an ecosystem.
  • Will Selle of Watauga High School and Hardin Park for “Watauga High School Luthiers.” Tools and parts will be purchased to enhance the instrument repair space and hands-on experience at the school that is used to outfit, repair and re-string school instruments from around the county.
  • Angela Alexander and Torry Ward from Watauga High School for their project titled “Hot Topic.” The grant will be used to purchase a wig dryer, which will provide a more efficient and realistic experience for cosmetology students.
  • Chris Watson of Green Valley School for “The Show Must Go On!” to supply theatrical and sound equipment to enhance the quality of the drama program and audience experience.
  • Corrie Freeman, Jessie Presnell, Grant Woltz, Wendy Lawrence, and Meagan Lancaster of Hardin Park School for “Mastering Relationships through Morning Choice.” Adapted from a project that the teachers learned about at WEF-funded staff development opportunity, this is a fresh take on traditional morning work. Students and teachers engage in meaningful activities that foster collaboration, teamwork, critical thinking and creativity.
  • Erik Mortensen from Watauga High School for the “Automotive Enhancement Project” that will upgrade and replace equipment in order to bring the Automotive Maintenance Program up to date with current standards and technology.
  • Emily Tkacik of Bethel and Valle Crucis Schools for “Uke Have a Friend in Me.” Funds will be used to purchase a class set of ukuleles and tuners to be used at both schools to develop musical literacy and student engagement.
  • Maura McGlamery from Bethel School for “Planets, Matter and Landforms…Oh My!” This project will fund the purchase of materials to incorporate hands-on activities for the teaching of science standards at the elementary level.
  • Hayley Bayne of Watauga County Schools for “Sensory Centers, Calm Down Corners & Self Care for Watauga County After Schools.” With this grant, children in all 8 afterschool programs will have access to a new abundance of materials to help with emotional regulation and calm down skills.
  • Jacob Wallace of Watauga High School for “Pioneer Success,” a project, implemented by the PBIS Committee, aimed at encouraging students who are struggling academically by providing incentives and accountability.
  • Megan Turner and Erin Selle from Hardin Park School for their project “Kindergarten Coders.” This grant will fund hands on manipulatives and activities where students can explore and create together using engineering, technology and teamwork skills.
  • Erin Thompson of Valle Crucis for the “Valle Crucis School Barn Quilt Project.” Funds will purchase supplies for a student-designed and created wooden barn quilt to be hung on the current school building, then transferred to the new school building, and, ultimately, added to the Watauga County Barn Quilt Trail, further linking this school with the local community.
  • Jeanie Hicks of Mabel School for “Game On.” This grant will be used to purchase award-winning games designed to foster creative problem-solving, critical thinking skills and growth mindset.
  • Patrick Sukow, Rob Smith, and Laurie Gill of Blowing Rock School for “Unleashing the Author Inside with CoWriter!” This project will provide 2nd through 8th graders on-demand, electronic spelling feedback through the CoWriter app, an assistive technology tool aimed at serving all learning styles and abilities.
  • Yolanda Adams of Parkway School for “Semillas, Seeds for a Better Education.” These funds will provide bilingual materials that will be used in a series of information sessions for Latino families, geared toward making the families feel more comfortable and the students more successful at school.
  • Amy Hiatt, Candice Trexler, and Craig Marze from Hardin Park School for “Creative Communication to Build Student Culture.” This project will implement the use of digital displays to create a more cohesive school community that is informed, celebrated, and unified and involved.
  • Andrew Chapman of Blowing Rock School for “Ukulele,” a project that will provide instruments for 3rd through 5th graders, as an avenue for students to express themselves creatively through the art of performance and song writing.
  • April Yandle, Mark Sheperd, Steve Ward, and Dustin Kerley from Watauga High School for the project “Collaborative Construction.” Funds will be used to purchase materials for the construction of a new backstop at the WHS softball field, providing a hands-on experience for the CTE Welding and Masonry students.
  • Crystal Norris of Hardin Park School for “Observing the World Around Us.” These grant funds will purchase kid-friendly microscopes that can be projected to a smartboard or viewed on a digital screen.
  • Amanda Storey of Watauga County Schools for “Boardmaker and Sensory Support.” This project will fund the upgrade of BoardMaker software, used to create choice boards, charts and picture schedules and sensory support items for Preschool/EC classrooms county-wide.
  • Donna Green and Tara Watson from Green Valley School for “Lego WeDo – Student-Led Collaboration.” Funds will be used to purchase Lego Education sets for activities that will develop engagement and collaboration between middle school peer mentors and kindergarten students.
  • Sydney Sieviec of Parkway School for “Art in Bloom: Wet Media Environment Studies in the Art Classroom.” This project is designed to provide painting, printmaking, and mixed-media experiences for all K-8 students that include age-appropriate differentiation and support the science curriculum.
  • Beth Dishman from Cove Creek School for “Sensory Room,” which will provide funds to purchase equipment that would provide a safe and stimulating space for students of all abilities to explore sensory input and programming.