Visual Arts

2019 Visual Arts photo series on Facebook.  Click here.

2019 Shooting Stars Visual Artists Interviews

Special thanks to Ben Roberts for creating these videos of our selected visual artists!

Segment 1 – Chandler McGuire, Gwendolyn Anderson, Marlie Greer, Madelyn Halcomb, Anna Grace Anderson, Kai Plummer, Audrey Grace Shields, Brian Newmark

Segment 2 – Ezekiel Walker, Justice Conklin, Genevieve Powell, Zoe Brown, Zoe Lee, Maya Flood, Madelyn Ellis, Eleanore Melillo

Segment 3 – Marie Kallestad, Emma Rasco, Cameron Welch, Maia Carter, Megan May, Kyla Marze, Isabella Hoyle, Sydney Dyer

Segment 4 – Annika Willis, Kylie Eldreth, Ella Canter, Emma Clarke, Hanna Hengst, Jair Alvarez, Hallie Rose Donadio, Grant Holder

Artwork will be on display at the Jones House during the month of April. 

Artists Reception to be held at the Jones House on Friday, April 3, 2020 5:00-8:00pm (in conjunction with Downtown Boone’s First Friday Art Crawl)

2019 Shooting Stars Visual Artists

Annika Willis, WHS
Zoe Brown, WHS
Grant Holder, WHS
Hannah Hengst, WHS
Marie Kallestad, WHS
Hallie Rose Donadio, WHS
Alan Jair Alvarez, WHS
Kyla Marze, WHS
Emma Clarke, Parkway
Cam Welch, Mabel
Marlie Greer, Parkway
Audrey Grace Shields, Valle Crucis
Maia Carter, Valle Crucis
Eleanore Melillo, Valle Crucis
Justice Conklin, Parkway
Madelyn Halcomb, Parkway
Megan May, Green Valley
Ella Canter, Green Valley
Brian Newmark, Hardin Park
Ezekiel Walker, Green Valley
Kylie Eldreth, Bethel
Chandler McGuire, Blowing Rock
Maya Flood, Valle Crucis
Sydney Dyer, Blowing Rock
Genevieve Powell, Blowing Rock
Emma Rasco, Parkway
Zoe Lee, Parkway
Madelyn Ellis, Hardin Park
Gwendolyn Anderson, Hardin Park
Anna Grace Anderson, Blowing Rock
Isabella Hoyle, Blowing Rock
Kai Plummer, Cove Creek

For information contact Erika Hudspeth,