2019 Update from the WEF President

Don Presnell image

Greetings from the Watauga Education Foundation!

Has it really been nearly two months since our very successful Flapjack Flip? (Yes.)

Is tomorrow really Groundhog Day? (Yes.)

Actually, if you’re fond of Texas, serpents, Baked Alaska, the color red, or bubble gum, then today is an amazing day for you, as all of these are (honest) “national days.”

Another one that you may or may not be familiar with is “National Get Up Day.”

As I was sitting down to write, this part of the observance caught my eye:

“More importantly, February 1 reminds all of us to Get Up when we stumble. We never know when our efforts to seek a goal or overcome an obstacle will encourage another to do the same.  Whether inspiration is found on or off the ice, in a classroom [emphasis mine], through a co-worker or your own neighborhood, share your Get Up story on National Get Up Day!”

Here at WEF, we believe in teachers and students, and all of the inspiration they bring with them. That’s why we do what we do. That’s why we create and host events like Flapjack Flip and Shooting Stars. That’s why we voted to increase our allocations for teacher grants to $30,000 this year!

That’s why we depend on meaningful and personal partnerships with and sponsorships & donations from people, individuals, businesses and organizations who believe in education and the mission and vision of the Watauga Education Foundation.

As we continue into 2019, I hope you will “Get Up” and join us. If you are one of our current sponsors, THANK YOU for getting up and sharing…please stay up!

If you’re reading this update and haven’t yet joined us as a donor or sponsor, then I encourage you to “Get Up” and review an option that works best for you at our website. You are certainly not limited to just the listed sponsorship levels; donations & contributions of any amount are always welcome and help us to continue with our mission and vision for the students and teachers of Watauga County school system.

Also, please contact me at wef@wataugaschools.org any time at all. I would be more than happy to sit down with you over some coffee (every day is coffee day, which I always get up for) and conversation to talk about how you can contribute to WEF.

Wishing you a fabulous, frigid-free (you never know in Watauga County!) February,

Dr. Don Presnell
President, Watauga Education Foundation