The Watauga Education Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) made up of a hard-working board of volunteers. We support educators who foster a love of learning and sponsor community-oriented events that sustain students’ wonder, enthusiasm and perseverance.

Vision & Mission

It is our vision to improve and enhance the success of every student in the Watauga School System, and our mission to enrich student learning for all Watauga County public school students by effectively promoting innovative educational experiences for children that inspire every student to achieve his or her highest potential.

Board Membership


  •  Charles Crabbe (President)
  • Wendy Jessen (Secretary)
  • Tige Darner  (Treasurer)
  • Members
  • Marta Brooks
  • Lexi Condon
  • Ashley Furman
  • Erika Hudspeth
  • Debbie Kirkley
  • Maria Norris
  • Don Presnell
  • Erich Schlenker
  • Amy Shook
  • Chad Smith
  • Chrissy Tillery
  • Tracy Tilley
  • Colleen Tarantino-Utter


  • Tricia Hall  (Immediate Past President)
  • Garrett Price  (WCS Community Relations)
  • Dr. Scott Elliott  (WCS Superintendent)
  • Jason Cornett  (WCS Board of Education)
  • Barbara Kinsey (WCS Board of Education)